Updating File Server's OS files

Updating the file server’s OS files to the latest version #

Run this command as the root user on the master file server (by default, it is the same server as the SynergyCP web server):

file_server_exec() {
        docker ps |
        grep scp-bm-pxe-file_api |
        head -n1 |
        awk '{print $NF}'
    docker exec -i ${CONT} $@;

run_in_file_server() {
echo "chown -R deploy:deploy /srv"
echo "chown -R www:www /srv/tftp/pxelinux.cfg"

cd /scp/pxe/file
wget -O - "http://install.synergycp.com/bm/pxe-file-storage.tar.gz" | tar -zxf - -C .
run_in_file_server | file_server_exec /bin/bash

If you have any child file servers, you will want to sync the changes to those using the Sync Files to Children button on the master file server’s edit page under OS Reloads -> Deploy File Servers.