WHMCS Reseller

WHMCS Reseller #

This is our reseller WHMCS module. Adds WHMCS Integration with SynergyCP for resellers including automated sub-client account creation and suspension. Provides basic server controls within WHMCS.

Setup #

Upload the WHMCS module #

  1. Download and extract the WHMCS integration from here
  2. Copy the entire directory via FTP, SCP, etc. to your WHMCS server at <WHMCS_PATH>/modules/servers/synergycpreseller/
If upgrading to the latest release of the WHMCS module, please delete the entire /synergycpreseller/ directory before uploading the new one. No server or user data will be lost as nothing is stored in the /synergycpreseller/ directory.

Configure SynergyCP #

  1. In SynergyCP, go to System > Integrations.
  2. Add an Integration for WHMCS.
  3. Edit the Integration and make sure it has the following permissions:
    • Clients (View & Edit)
    • Installs (View & Edit)
    • Servers In Use (View & Edit)
    • Servers In Inventory (View & Edit)
    • IP Entities (View)
    • IP Groups (View)
  4. Create an API Key for the Integration, and copy the key.

Create the “Server” in WHMCS #

  1. Go to WHMCS Admin -> Wrench icon -> System Settings -> Servers
  2. Add New Server
  3. Scroll down to Server Details
    • Type: Synergy Control Panel - Reseller
    • Access Hash: <API Key of SynergyCP Integration>
    • Ignore other fields such as username and password.

Adding a New Product #

  1. Go to WHMCS Admin -> Wrench icon -> System Settings -> Product/Services
  2. Create a new Product/Service with type “Reseller Account” and whatever name you want.
  3. Go to the Module Settings tab and fill in the following details:
    • Module Name: Synergy Control Panel - Reseller
    • The remaining fields as described on that page.
  4. Go to the Custom Fields tab and create one with the following details:
    • Field Name: SynergyCP Server ID (name must match exactly)
    • Field Type: Text Box
    • Description: The ID of the server form SynergyCP. Found in the manage server page URL.
    • Validation: [0-9]
    • Check Admin Only and Required Field.

  1. Create a test order using the newly created Product/Service and a test client.
  2. Go to SynergyCP, click on a server, and look at the URL. The Server ID is the number that is the last part of the path in the URL (before the question mark).
  3. Copy that Server ID over to the SynergyCP Server ID field of the server in WHMCS.
    • Note that this step will need to be done for every new order to link it to your server in SynergyCP.

Test #

  1. Login as the client, view the service, and check that the buttons are working as expected.
    • Bandwidth data can take up to 24 hours to sync. If it has not synced after that point, make sure that the WHMCS cron is setup properly.