WHMCS Basic #

Please don’t use this module unless you have a true need to do so, as it doesn’t provide any of the automation that is much of the value of SynergyCP.

Please use our regular WHMCS module for any production deployments.

The Basic WHMCS Integration adds a Manage on SynergyCP SSO button for clients and administrators. It also adds a Create Client button for administrators.

There are some manual steps that must be followed after provisioning when using this Integration:

  • The Create Client button must be manually clicked so that the client’s account is created on SynergyCP.
  • The ID of the WHMCS service must be manually copied to the related SynergyCP server’s Billing ID field. The WHMCS service’s ID can be found in the URL. To link the server, add the WHMCS Integration and Billing ID to the server in SynergyCP under Hardware > Servers > Edit > Billing ID.

Setup #

Upload the WHMCS module #

  1. Download and extract the WHMCS integration from here
  2. Copy the entire directory via FTP, SCP, etc. to your WHMCS server at <WHMCS_PATH>/modules/servers/synergycpbasic/
If upgrading to the latest release of the WHMCS module, please delete the entire /synergycpbasic/ directory before uploading the new one. No server or user data will be lost as nothing is stored in the /synergycpbasic/ directory.

Configure SynergyCP #

  1. In SynergyCP, go to System > Integrations.
  2. Add an Integration for WHMCS.
  3. Edit the Integration and make sure it has the following permissions:
    • Clients (View & Edit)
    • Installs (View & Edit)
    • Servers In Use (View & Edit)
    • Servers In Inventory (View & Edit)
    • IP Entities (View)
    • IP Groups (View)
  4. Create an API Key for the Integration, and copy the key.

Create the “Server” in WHMCS #

  1. Go to WHMCS Admin -> Wrench icon -> System Settings -> Servers
  2. Add New Server
  3. Scroll down to Server Details
    • Type: Synergy Control Panel - Basic
    • Access Hash: <API Key of SynergyCP Integration>
    • Ignore other fields such as username and password.

Adding a New Product #

  1. Go to WHMCS Admin -> Wrench icon -> System Settings -> Product/Services
  2. Product Type: Dedicated/VPS Server
  3. Product Name: The CPU name (e.g. E3-1270v6, Dual E5-2620v4)