Getting Started #

Please follow our Installation guide.

Troubleshooting #

Resolutions to common issues can be found in the General Troubleshooting section to the left.

Upgrading #

Instructions for maintaining and upgrading various components of the sotware can be found in the Upgrading SynergyCP & Components section to the left.

Contacting Support #

Enterprise customers with Slack access: Please contact us in your shared Slack channel.

Need assistance? Our friendly support team is just an email away. We look forward to connecting with you!

Support Hours #

Our support hours are 7 AM to 4 PM Arizona, Monday through Friday. Click here for the current time in Arizona.

Enterprise license SLOs #

  • On-hours: 30 minute time-to-first-response
  • Off-hours: 4 hour time-to-first-response
  • Weekends: Best effort time-to-first-response

Other license SLOs #

  • On-hours: 4 hour time-to-first-response
  • Off-hours: Next business day time-to-first-response
  • Weekends: Next business day time-to-first-response