Bandwidth Accounting Issues

Bandwidth Accounting Issues #

Switch scan comes up empty or is missing ports #

We will need an SNMP dump on the switch, we’ll be able to sift through this to figure out the right OIDs to check. You can dump SNMP data using this command (SNMP_KEY should be set to the community key, SWITCH_IP should be set to the top-of-rack switch IP):

apt-get install -y snmp
snmpwalk -v 2c -c $SNMP_KEY $SWITCH_IP | gzip -9 > snmp-dump.gz

SNMP isn’t used to store anything sensitive - we’ll just need that snmp-dump.gz file and then we should be able to figure it out.

Switch scan works, but bandwidth does not show #

This usually shows as “Not enough data collected yet”. Wait an hour or two for data to appear, and confirm you’re not reloading the same server URL with the time range set to a time before the switch scan completed and bandwidth accounting started.

If still not working after an hour or two, please contact us at [email protected].

RTG debug dump #

If directed by the support engineer, follow these steps to generate an RTG debug dump.

Login as root on the SynergyCP master app server and then execute:

/scp/bin/scp-exec rtg

Then, in the RTG shell, run this code to generate a debug dump:

mkdir /tmp/rtg
cp -r /usr/local/rtg2/etc/ /tmp/rtg
supervisorctl status > /tmp/rtg/status.log
supervisorctl tail -100000 api > /tmp/rtg/api.log
supervisorctl tail -100000 poll > /tmp/rtg/poll.log
tar -zcf - /tmp/rtg | base64

Then copy the full result (it may be a few pages long in terminal) and paste it into your ticket for the SynergyCP team to debug.