Restoring from a Backup #

The database restore process is intended to restore an installation of the same version. It is not intended to likewise perform a version upgrade concurrently, as the database migrations will not run after importing the database, leading to data mismatch.

If you do not know what version your old installation was running, please contact us for assistance.

  1. Gather up all the files: you’ll need our script, the database.gz file from your backup server, and your synergycp-config-backup.tar.gz config backup file.

  2. Upload all 3 of those files, using the same names above, to any one folder on your new SynergyCP master server. Make sure that server is a fresh server with nothing installed and meets all of the install requirements.

  3. Run the restore script: bash as the root user on the new server from the directory with those 3 files.

  4. The DHCP & File server’s API key running on the main SynergyCP web instance will now be mismatched, since new API key information was generated during the install process. To update them:

    cd /scp/pxe/dhcp
    # Copy the info to the DHCP server on SynergyCP.
    cd /scp/pxe/file
    # Copy the info to the File server on SynergyCP.
  5. Run switch scans on every switch to update the bandwidth polling configuration file that is stored on disk. This can be done in bulk using the checkboxes on the switch list page.

    If you get a message to the effect of “MAC Address is invalid”, this signifies that the restore script did not replace your API key from the synergycp-config-backup.tar.gz file. Please contact us for assistance.
  6. We recommend deleting the config and database backup files from the new server once they have been imported successfully.