Using Billing IDs

Using Billing IDs #

Purpose of Billing IDs #

The intended purpose of Billing IDs is to link things in SynergyCP with your billing software (e.g. WHMCS). For example, on our WHMCS integration, when a customer purchases a server, WHMCS will check for servers in the inventory with parts & IP group matching the billing ID. If it finds one, it will also search for an IP entity matching the billing ID you specify. If both a server and an IP entity are found:

  • the client’s account is automatically generated on SynergyCP, which they can SSO to from WHMCS
  • the server is automatically provisioned with their OS, port speed, & subnet choice
  • the server’s billing ID is set to the WHMCS service ID (more on this below)
  • the root SSH details are sent to the customer via email

All of that is without any intervention from staff; on some OSes, customers have SSH details less than 10 minutes after their purchase. If anything is missing, a ticket is generated with the details of the order.

Server Billing IDs #

A server’s billing ID is the only link between your billing software and a SynergyCP server, so if you suspend or terminate that server on WHMCS for example, it happens automatically in SynergyCP (unless the client is a VIP client).

The server’s billing ID field is set automatically during billing provisions and can also be set manually from the edit server page. Make sure that the Integration matches the one created for your billing software and the billing ID matches the unique ID of the server in your billing software.

Multiple Integrations allow for multiple non-conflicting WHMCS (or other billing software) instances on the same SynergyCP application, which makes small and large scale testing of any billing software much easier.

Formatting Billing IDs #

The format of billing IDs is arbitrary as long as it matches the one used in your billing software, with the exception of server billing IDs which must be a number.

Some example formats we suggest for these are:

  • hdd-1tb (1TB HDD)
  • mem-8gb (8GB RAM)
  • cpu-1270 (E3-1270 CPU)
  • loc-la (Location: Los Angeles)
  • ip-29 (/29 IP Block)