Adding or re-installing a file server

Adding or re-installing a file server #

Installing a new file server: #

Set up a server in the location, and perform a fresh install of Debian 11.

We recommend the server have gigabit port speed or faster, and an SSD for the fastest OS Reloads.

To install the PXE file server, run the following command as the root user:

wget -O - | bash

Then add the File server to SynergyCP under OS Reloads > Deploy File Servers. It can take up to a few hours for the files to sync, depending on the network throughput between the newly added server and its master file server.

Re-installing a file server: #

If you are re-installing a file server, first purge docker.

WARNING: This will delete ANY application that runs on Docker, including the main SynergyCP application! Only do this on servers that are dedicated file servers and have nothing else on them.
docker swarm leave --force
docker system prune
docker swarm init

Then delete the previous file server on Synergy. You will need to create a new file server in order for files to sync properly.